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Recently, we have seen WhatsApp users want to send their ads to other users, and they are looking for different ways to advertise. Unfortunately, due to the limited opportunities available to users, they were not able to deliver their ads to a small number of WhatsApp users in the desired effect, either quickly or discouraged. If ip + was blocked, the room could not be resumed because it was blacklisted after several messages, as the room was blacklisted in another new number. In other words, it would be as easy as you think to send so many ads on whatsapp, if it were, everyone would place their ads on whatsapp, not everyone would get tired of the number of ads and access whatsapp

   Of course, this does not frighten you. As they say, there is a cure for everything in this life except death, and in this case, we are ready to send you your ads as soon as possible, without any problems, according to the number limit you choose. If you want, you can send ads based on the numbers you provide, or vice versa, you can send them to other unknown numbers. You can see the price of the ads here You can see the price of the ads here

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